Bullish Games is a ragtag team of game enthusiasts aspiring to make challenging video games filled with impactful content and gameplay. Our first project, Scoundrel, is a 2D stealth platformer with rogue-lite elements.


The Beginnings

Summer 2015, Filip Velichkovski, Jovan Gjorgjiev and Kristina Glas with an ever growing passion for video games decided to take their shot at making one. Inspired by games such as Rogue Legacy, Mark of the Ninja and many pixel art games, they felt they had the perfect concoction and they began working on the prototype for a stealth platformer that would go by the name of Scoundrel.

Little did they know, actually finishing a game was a challenging endeavor and funding and experience quickly became an issue. That's when they found an unlikely ally from across the world, a fellow game enthusiast and programmer by the name of Rick Love. They decided to drop everything else and put their full attention on Scoundrel ever since.



Scoundrel Announcement Teaser YouTube