Scoundrel is a 2D stealth game with rogue-lite elements. Take control of thieves and misfits and rob the ostentatious Lords of their precious wealth! But the Lords have taken precautions... Take to the shadows for the challenge is great, and many a scoundrels will get thrown in the dungeons before the Thieves Guild prevails... or gets brought to ruin.


As our first project, Scoundrel started off as a stealth platformer prototype. We knew we wanted to create something challenging, as well as replayable. In order to achieve this we borrowed some rogue-lite elements. We decided that a procedural character generation system lent itself well with our vision, when the player gets caught or abandons the level he gets to choose from a roster of thieves with different classes, traits and abilities. Other procedural elements such as different guard paths, quest locations, trap spawns also were a natural fit. Finally, we wanted to embrace the origins of the stealth genre, where tension is king, and combat is a non-factor.


  • Pure Stealth: Challenging stealth gameplay that relies on planning and quick thinking with no combat whatsoever
  • Permadeath: Abandoning a level or getting caught means permanently losing your character
  • An Abundance of Thieves: Classes, Traits, Items and Abilities provide for different and unique characters
  • Master Thievery: Class-based abilities, usable items and interactable objects from the environment allow for many stealth opportunities
  • The Thieves Guild: Use your spoils to purchase Unlocks and Upgrades and pay off your Debt
  • The City Map: Progress through the districts and visit hand-crafted levels and explore the story of Scoundrel


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About Bullish Games

Bullish Games is a ragtag team of game enthusiasts aspiring to make challenging video games filled with impactful content and gameplay. Our first project, Scoundrel, is a 2D stealth platformer with rogue-lite elements.
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