What is Scoundrel?

Scoundrel is a 2D stealth game with rogue-lite elements. Take control of thieves and misfits and rob the ostentatious Lords of their precious wealth! But the Lords have taken precautions... Take to the shadows for the challenge is great, and many a scoundrels will get thrown in the dungeons before the Thieves Guild prevails... or gets brought to ruin.



Play with procedurally created Scoundrels that will give you different challenges and possibilities. Each character is given a class with its own active and passive abilities, along with an item and several traits that customize your gameplay.

Pure Stealth

A challenging stealth platformer with tight controls and no combat whatsoever. Good planning and quick thinking are skills you will have to attain in order to remain unseen, complete your objective and make off with the valuables.

Watch your step

Many dangers lie in your path: from armed guards to environmental traps, from vigilant animals to pesky civilians. They will stop at nothing until you are found and sent to the dungeons. So take heed, for abandoning a level or getting caught means losing your Scoundrel.

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